Cobra joins The Elumenati & Canon at the Integrated Systems Europe exhibition

ISE 2016

We’re joining our partners The Elumenati on Canon Europe’s stand at Integrated Systems Europe here in Amsterdam this week. Our ellipsoid first surface mirror combined with Canon's new XEED 4K600STZ projector will light an Elumenati Panorama with vibrant 4K imagery. 

Interactive content in the Panorama is driven by The Elumenati’s WorldViewer, a media mashup tool for creating immersive content. The screen is 4.3m in diameter, with a 160-degree sweep allowing groups of people to experience immersive content in a social context - VR without the headsets. 

ISE marks the second large event we’ve done in partnership with The Elumenati, starting at last fall’s I/ITSEC, the official launch of our partnership. We’re handling sales for simulation clients, and they’re working with Cobra’s clients in the entertainment sector. The Elumenati have been North American resellers of Cobra systems for years; now through this partnership we’re offering OmniFocus projection systems, OpenDomes and interactive software for immersive content display.

We’re also The Elumenati's on-the-ground partners for installation and support in EMEA and likewise they are a local presence for our clients in the Americas and beyond. 

If you’re at the show, drop us a line to set up a meeting, or stop by Booth 1-F42.

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Cobra announces new product and partnership with US firm The Elumenati at I/ITSEC


Cobra Simulation® announces a partnership with US firm The Elumenati to handle new projects in the Military/ Simulation markets. This combines Cobra's deep knowledge of simulation applications with proven Elumenati immersive technologies. Cobra Simulation® has delivered simulation solutions to many sectors worldwide, with clients including BAE Systems, Airbus, SAAB Avionics and MBDA Systems. Its 1.8m Panorama recently gained JALO accreditation as part of a portable JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) training system delivered by Nautilus International Consultants for the UKMOD.

The Elumenati are leaders in the field of immersive technologies, bringing decades of experience to designing and deploying immersive environments for clients from NASA to DreamWorks. Cobra's product line includes solutions based on The Elumenati's patented OmniFocus® fisheye projection systems, OpenDome® spherical displays, and suite of software solutions.

The Elumenati have been working with Cobra since 2013, when the Elumenati Cobra Panorama joined their line of turnkey GeoDome® Solutions. Based on Cobra’s 1.8m Curved Screen and mirror optics, it offers immersion and interactivity at an accessible price point which include exhibits at Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and the Orlando Science Centre

Both companies have collaborated heavily on software recognising the gap in the market for simple effective dome software solutions alongside an expanding immersive sector. The companies are continuing to develop and expand on its suite of software. Some of Cobra’s installs have been enhanced greatly since 2014 when both OmniMap® and Omnity 2.0® where fully integrated with the Cobra True Dimension® warping software. This integration extended the quality of the visual and provided 1-1 mapping alongside camera manipulation with the client’s applications.

BOOTH 2101
Canon invited the Elumenati and Cobra Simulation to join them at I/ITSEC in Booth 2101 at the West Concourse, Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando Florida. A room sized Cobra Curved Display® solution showcases Canon’s new 4K501ST projector with Cobra’s new Ellipsoidal OmniMirror technology, new Cobra Spider®, a customisable optical truss mount system in The Elumenati’ s 4.3m Panorama. With a spectacular list of new solution features, these include:

  • ·         Native 4K @ 60hz with the Canon 4K501ST’s new Marginal Focus feature
  • ·         Cobra’s Ellipsoid OmniMirror technology
  • ·         Upto 30% more pixels visible in the I/ITSEC configuration
  • ·         5 arcmin resolution
  • ·         Single-channel, fully focused edge-to-edge visuals
  • ·         160° HFOV x 80° VFOV semi-permanent 4.3m panorama display
  • ·         Euro pallet-sized flight case to house and transport full optical & IG system
  • ·         Prepar3D flight demo, showcasing OmniMap integration applicable to a variety of immersive environments
  • ·         Cobra’s True Dimension warping software, allows simple grid based warping on a Win7, 8.1, 10 OS when using spherical or ellipsoidal mirrors.

BOOTH 2681
Cobra Simulation is a member of ETSA (The European Training & Simulation Association). ETSA has invited Cobra Simulation to showcase its Cobra AV Pro®, 1.8m panorama 4K dome system. The smallest in its Cobra Curved Display® range the Cobra AV® has been deployed in over 75 locations worldwide and was the first product of its kind using its unique first surface mirror technology to see market traction back in January 2013. The attention to detail, simplicity, inclusive software/ licence, premium components and impressive accessories has ensured it continues to be the first choice of clients around the world for a high quality reliable desktop dome solution. The Cobra AV Pro® will feature eSIM Games “Steel Beasts Pro” application. eSim Games are an independent software developer specialized in virtual simulations of the fire control systems of armoured fighting vehicles in a combined arms tactical context.

A team from Cobra, including Managing Director Alexander Bradley, will be on hand at the Canon booth to answer questions and support sales enquiries.

Managing Director Alexander Bradley at Cobra Simulation® said “This is our biggest new product launch since we started the business back in 2012. We are very excited to be launching it alongside two great companies, Canon and The Elumenati. We have successfully collaborated with The Elumenati for years, and we're ready to move into the next phase of our plans to grow both businesses within their strongest sectors. The partnership gives Cobra Simulation a firm base of operations in the Americas, with The Elumenati’ s experienced engineering & design team based in Milwaukee to fully support all our Americas projects and support contracts. We have come to I/ITSEC to announce to the military/ simulation community that we are open for business on both the local and international stage, and our highly skilled team is ready to support your projects. Our products and solutions are among the most innovative and cost-effective in the industry.”

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Orihalcon gives Cobra its first appearance at the Tokyo Game Show

CEO Toshiyuki Takahei of Orihalcon was the first to showcase the 1.8m Cobra Curved Display at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. An event renowned for innovation and Asia’s most prestigious platform for new developments in the gaming industry.


Recent developments in VR have seen a big rise in demand for alternative ways to share head mounted content with larger audiences. A growing market for Cobra and its partners, its smaller desktop immersive panodome is well placed to meet that demand at big events. Toshiyuki explains how their software is designed to capture VR content and display that content within a dome in both 2D and 3D allowing a large audience to see developing or new VR titles in an immersive environment without having to consistently swap sweaty headsets with a queue of game hungry visitors.

The solution put together at Orihalcon has already been met with a wave of enquiries as developers and events companies alike are keen to benefit from this new solution at future events and in house design aids.

The Cobra Curved Display is a 1.8m immersive panodome display that uses first surface mirror technology instead of a fish eye projection lens to deliver a high quality, high resolution content to a dome display for immersive visualization within the simulation industry.

Cobra Simulation is working closely with Toshiyuki and the team at Orihalcon to support the development of the solution. A fully interactive on site demo is available to experience at our partner’s showroom in Japan. You can contact the team at Orihalcon on TEL: 03-6304-8356 or visit their website at http://www.orihalcon.co.jp

orihalcon 1

orihalcon 3

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Nautilus Cobra JTAC simulator receives accreditation

JTAC Training - Joint Terminal Attack Controller

RAF Regiment Forward Air Controllers

Nautilus International Risk Consultants have successfully had our deployable Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) simulator accredited to the following standard:

cobra transparent bg 3

- Type 2 Controls

- Type 3 Controls

- Day Night

- FMV Laser

- Joint Fires Co-Ordination

Using the deployable, highly portable Nautilus COBRA JTAC screen, VBS3 and VBS Fires FST software, Nautilus International Risk Consultants are providing a new, unrivalled capability in the UK. Using Form, Fit and Function emulated JTAC equipment, such as the LF28 LTD, PLRF25, IZLID Ultra and Harris Communications 7800HH radios with 7800Tdownlink receivers, the system can be fully set up and ready for use within 2 hours. All of the JTAC simulation scenarios and terrain are based on real world locations, both in the UK and overseas. This allows the qualified JTAC to train in a realistic and demanding, simulated environment.

Nautilus International Risk Consultants has worked tirelessly with its suppliers Cobra Simulation, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, SimCentric, Virtual Simulation Systems and Harris Communication Systems, to provide this very unique capability to JTACs in the UK. This will allow JTAC training to be conducted in almost any location and will enable re-qualification, maintain JTAC skill sets and ultimately, significantly reduce training overheads.We are currently providing simulated JTAC training support to a large number of UK MoD JTACs and recently supported the UK JTAC Concentration at RAF Honington, which saw JTACs from the UK, US and Canada and have also provided JTAC simulation training to the Bahrain Royal Guard JTACs.

Alexander Bradley Managing Director at Cobra Simulation said “Receiving the news that the platform has now received accreditation was great, supporting the team at Nautilus International Risk Consultants has been very rewarding. It’s a great example of what can be achieved when you have a capable and experienced team delivering on a much needed tool. We see training simulation as our key growth market and look forward to supporting the roll out.”

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Cobra, The Elumenati and Canon U.S.A. Collaboration Launches New Mirror Based Dome Display at Infocomm 2016

Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will showcase its award-winning line of high-resolution projectors, along with entertaining and innovative partner solutions in booth #C7233 at InfoComm 2016, June 8-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.


A featured solution on the booth is what will be marketed in the United States as the 4K GeoDome®Panorama: An interactive exploration of data-based simulations and 360-degree media, The GeoDome® Panorama by The Elumenati will utilize the Canon REALiS 4K500ST projector’s 4K imagery and Marginal Focus feature to help ensure that the content projected is breath-taking, and virtually always in focus across the immersive environment. Step into the Panorama and experience virtual reality without the headset.

This new dome display solution offers users up to a 180° horizontal field of view with +50°/ -30° vertical field of view. It measures a diameter of 4.2 metres and in a world’s first combines the latest innovations from the three companies. The component configuration supersizes Cobra’s 1.8m panorama and extends its field of view. With Canons unique marginal focus feature built into to its latest native 4K projector you get the benefits of field curvature matching, focused image without colour aberration. The solution uses a Cobra Simulation next generation first surface mirror to reflect crisp 4K content onto the Elumenati GeoDome® portable display.

Alexander Bradley Managing Director at Cobra Simulation said “It’s great to be in Las Vegas at Infocomm working alongside Canon and The Elumenati. Once again Cobra & its partners lead the market with an innovative combination of products to deliver a much needed solution. The new dome is ideal for simulation training where large cockpits are needed and is perfect for museum or show floor exhibits. Using single channel solutions with the latest high resolution projectors are much more cost effective way to deliver immersive content. They drastically reduce the hardware and processing power associated with multi-channel installs. With a single channel configuration, it is safer, easier and quicker to install thus it saves clients’ money. What is not to like!”

D’nardo Colucci President of the Elumenati said “The solution produces a beautiful image with no colour aberration and offers users a fully focused image that’s up to 180° field of view with a single channel mirrored product, this has not been done before to such a high standard. We have enjoyed great partnerships with both Canon and Cobra Simulation, we are excited to be on the show floor together showcasing our latest innovations.”

Other new and exciting highlights at the Canon booth this year are:

  • Unreal Bowling -- The World’s First Interactive Bowling Solution”: “Unreal Bowling” is an interactive bowling experience designed by Crunchy Logistics which combines Canon REALiS Projectors with projection mapping, high-end graphics and audio to bring a bowling ball and lane to life. This unique solution is a “must see” —and prizes will be awarded to all who participate.
  • Prototype 4K Laser LCOS Projector: Prepare to be amazed! Attendees will get a sneak peak of Canon’s exciting Laser Phosphor Light Source projector that delivers 4K resolution of 4096 x 2400, LCOS Technology and over 5000 lumens of brightness.
Visitors to the booth will also have hands-on opportunities to try Canon’s 4K Reference Displays, Handheld Wireless Presenters, and Canon’s broad range of professional camera types including Broadcast, Network, Cinema, Video and Still. Additionally, visitors are encouraged to speak with Canon’s award-winning Professional Service & Support team to learn more about this dedicated group of professionals and the programs available for Dealer/Integrator and end-user customers.

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