Scottish business minister visits Cobra Simulation

Scottish Enterprise Minister visits Cobra Simulation Limited at the Alba Innovation Centre before launching the LESL Start up challenge to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.


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Cobra hosts the Protek rally race night

Congratulations Mark Gill

Cobra Simulation opened its doors to Protek a local business that specialises in car body repairs. With 12 entered drivers and one very special stig the race night was made up of 2 main events. A short technical stunt course of ramps handbrake turns and drifting then a traditional rally stage.

The competition was hot fast and furious with Mark battling his way through the ranks to find himself taking home a sleek bottle of Aberlour Whiskey.


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Cobra Curved Display promo video goes live

The first video preview of the Cobra Curved Display in action. Upto 150° Horizon 66° Vertical FOV. Immersive yourself or your clients in the unique Cobra Curved Display. Utilising its Cobra True Dimension software to real time map the image to the screen. Flexible solution for many applications - Flight, Driving Simulation, Stereo 3D immersive movies, Immersive Video Conferencing, RC flight training, Education, scientific. www.cobrasimulation.com

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Cobra launches innovative new display

Fri, Nov 30 2012

Cobra Simulation Limited, based at the Alba Innovation Centre in Livingston, has today announced the launch of its curved display screen, the Cobra.

The Cobra shares technology normally found in satellites and telescopes to alter the distance between traditional projection screens and projectors, and reflect an image onto a spherical Panadome.  With the addition of some clever 'warp' software to re-align the image on the screen, the result is a high fidelity immersive screen that fills the peripheral vision and draws the user into the action.

As the founder and Managing Director, Alex Bradley, says "It's a bit like bringing the 3D cinema experience in to your home or office. You can get fully drawn in to the action"

The device has a broad appeal for business and personal users, including automotive, aviation simulation, training and education, as well as gaming and visual entertainment. Its markets are global and the company is planning its first shipments in the New Year, initially to the UK and Europe, through a network of qualified resellers.

At a price tag of £5999 plus VAT, the device is not for the everyday user; instead its markets are businesses and enthusiasts who value the quality of the visual and immersive experience.

"We have a really exciting opportunity to sell our product all around the world and to show off the capability and expertise that we have here in Scotland. We are firmly based in West Lothian and are looking to grow here.

"We have had a lot of help and business advice from West Lothian Council, Scottish Enterprise and the Alba Innovation Centre.

"We plan to open an assembly facility in the region which will generate jobs, although we're not yet in a position to say how many. We also expect that as our exports to Europe, the United States and beyond pick up, that we will have substantially more staff than the small team we have at the moment."

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Cobra Simulation open its doors

Cobra Simulation open its doors


A young West Lothian company is preparing to take the world of immersive simulation, entertainment and gaming by storm. 

Cobra Simulation was born in March (2012) at the Alba Innovation Centre in Livingston and is launching its “Cobra Curved Display” – a world first – virally.

The Cobra Curved Display uses technology usually found in satellites and telescopes to decrease the distance between the traditional projection screens and projector, and reflect an image onto a spherical Panadome. 

With the addition of some clever ‘Warp’ software to re-align the image on the screen, the result is a high fidelity immersive screen that fills the peripheral vision. This is all deployed using a very small footprint and a single projector. 

Cobra Managing Director Alexander Bradley says: “The number of pixels on the screen determines the quality of your image, today 1080p or HD (1920x1080 pixels) is pretty much the norm and we believe is our ‘enabling technology’ for the Cobra Curved Display solution to really stand out.

Projectors have generally been at least 12-24 months behind the latest TV resolutions and technology; Resolution has been the key element which has held back the ability for projector manufacturers to compete for market share.

We believe our Cobra Curved Display gives projector manufacturers a new opportunity to increase sales and this is being reflected in our developing partnerships with some of the world’s leading professional and consumer brands.”

“With 2K and most likely 4K resolutions billed to become the next standard the Cobra Curved Display is well timed and positioned to take advantage of the new resolutions. Its flexible design allows you to use almost any projector that supports a 1.7 throw ratio.

The higher the resolution the greater the fidelity when using the Cobra Curved Display.

 “This great feature means that you never have to replace the Cobra Curved Display; you simply upgrade your projector and swap it out. Minutes later you are ready to go.”

 Apart from the technological aspects, the other main attraction of the Cobra Curved Display unit is the price. Cobra plans to start shipping it in the UK and Europe in Q1, 2013 and it will be available through a network of qualified resellers at an estimated MRSP of £5999 ex-works, and excluding VAT.

“The immersive screen Cobra Curved Display will set a benchmark for automotive, flight simulation enthusiasts and companies looking to achieve high fidelity 2D & 3D visuals, where budget and quality are a priority,” says Mr. Bradley.

“We can’t see many people or companies wanting to go back to ‘older’ visuals once they’ve had a chance to see what our Cobra Curved Display has to offer.”



The Cobra Curved Display is the world’s first Panadome spherical projection screen to support a single projector; have a small footprint; be desktop friendly; flexible to install and portable. It is simple to assemble and is compatible with a large range of consumer and professional projectors. Cobra Simulation uses the latest first surface mirror technology and warping software to give the user a truly immersive experience.

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