Orlando Science Center Launches Cobra Exhibit

Through the use of three Elumenati Cobra 1.8m Panoramas, Orlando Science Center recently premiered a new permanent exhibit, Kinetic Zone, which uses interactive displays to encourage visitors to explore the fundamentals of forces, such as electricity, gravity, physics, Newton’s Laws and more. To illustrate how real world physics is interpreted in the virtual world, visitors engage in an active exploration of the fundamentals of physics. The Cobra Panoramas provide an immersive experience that reflects real world rules and outcomes. Each Elumenati Cobra Panorama system features an Elumenati image generating computer and an Optoma EH500 projector (4,700 lumens, 1920×1080). Programming is based on Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D flight simulation software and the Assetto Corsa racing simulation. Both platforms work instantly on the curved display using the Cobra’s warping software.

Alexander Bradley Managing Director at Cobra Simulation said "What a fantastic exhibit, it really does demonstrate how versatile the Cobra platform is. Having a product that looked great was one the companies top objectives, making this type of exhibit possible. It is rewarding to see that The Elumenati and The Orlando Science Centre have worked hard to not only produce a stunning exhibit but equally to ensure the exhibit helps visitors to learn about the science of our world for years to come."

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Cobra MD immerses and entertains his audience in China

Alexander Bradley, Managing Director of Cobra Simulation took to the stage in China last week to present his first keynote speech, accompanied by his Cobra dome. Presenting at the Idea Land Exhibition VR/AR and immersive domes debate, with a story circulated to 32 million readers Alexander shared his view and vision for the whole VR/AR/dome sector.

Delivering a keynote speech on this subject that’s very close to his heart, Alexander described how the development of a truly immersive environment has been a lifelong dream that started while he was still at school. Sharing with the audience the tale of the first simulator he constructed at the tender age of 11, Alex excited and entertained with tales of his creation involving an Amstrad CPC 464 (Green Screen) the latest flight simulator, a joystick and some blankets! Little did he know at the time that this would be the start of something big.


With a Chinese wife, Alex’s immersion in the Chinese market is also close to his heart and in his keynote he paid tribute to VR HMD, its long 50-year history and fathering founders as well as dome screens. Discussing the key differences between the technologies and how there was a firm place in the market for both solutions. Highlighting that domes are the best technology to experience 360° content, that it is domes that are the backbone of many simulation solutions. Domes allow the user to interact with real world objects and enables the user to move freely without cumbersome wearables.


He hinted at the work Cobra had done in the VR HMD market and how it is now like many others exploring how they can combine the technologies to bring the next generation of immersive entertainment to life.


Demonstrating a keen desire to facilitate learning and entertainment, the Cobra dome was met with warm enthusiasm by his audience and his presence at this event will no doubt open doors that would otherwise have remained firmly shut.

Assisted greatly by the Edinburgh Shenzhen Creative Exchange Initiative Alexander won an award to attend this event and made it his own by sharing his long and sometimes chequered history in this arena. At the same time, he proudly launched its second Cobra/China collaboration. Cobra has been working in partnership with Siemins Science and Technology Co Limited and Crise Simulations to develop Chinas first dedicated all virtual Fire and Rescues Training Simulation centre based around its SimSuite concept. This centre will deliver end to end training and support with further centres planned across China. The opening is planned for June 2016 and this marks an exciting period for both Cobra and Fire and Rescue training in China.


Acting as the gateway to Asia, such events are viewed by Alexander as great opportunities to showcase his product and rub shoulders with his eastern counterparts. This event has cemented new relationships and significant growth opportunities for this innovative Scottish company.

As a way of summing up his experience, Alex had this to say “Once again our time in China was enthusing, when you have lived over 14 years within this culture you understand that as a nation they are among the hardest working and hold their family values above all else. China is changing its evolving and we are keen to bring our much needed expertise to the Chinese Emergency services market and are looking forward to the opening of the very first training centre using Cobra technology in June 2016, finally I would like to personally thank both Edinburgh City Council and the Shenzhen Creative Investment Group for their continued and dedicated support to help make all this possible”

To find out more about the Cobra Dome and the other solutions offered by Cobra Simulation, get in touch via their website http://www.cobrasimulation.com


Chinese Article click here > Chinese Article

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CLOSED FOR REGISTRATIONS - Cobra invites prospective licence partners to register interest


licensed logo

Cobra Simulation® announces the availability of its manufacturing capability and product sales exclusively into the UK/ EU, Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”) for a range of products including the company`s successful Cobra Curved Display®.

The opportunity is to acquire an exclusive licence for the rights for the manufacture/ sale of Cobra products and its accessories, with the potential to extend this agreement for product enhancements and new products as they are developed.

Cobra Simulation® is inviting companies to register their interest by 21st March 2016 for EMEA. Companies considering securing the licence should include a short company presentation, inclusive of their existing products and services/ markets and financial performance covering the last 5 years. Companies who have an established market, sales/ engineering team in the immersive industry will be well-placed, however all companies will be considered on their respective merits.


How to submit your interest?

Please send a signed cover letter along with a company presentation by email before 12 noon on the 21st March 2016.

When will you receive a response?

Your company will receive a response within 24 hours acknowledging receipt. Cobra will then review all documentation and plans to formally respond by 31st March 2016.

Is there a cost to register?

There is no cost to register your interest, however any companies invited to move forward in the process will be required to sign an NDA, provide financial information and exchange legal documentation. Each company would need to cover its own costs associated with that process.

Is there a cost to secure the licence?

Any company wishing to secure the licence rights should do so understanding that both a licence fee and royalty payments will apply throughout the term of the agreement.

Will there be targets?

Any company wishing to produce and sell Cobra products would have a minimum annual production target to meet.

Is it an exclusive licence?

Yes, it would secure the licenced company an exclusive licence to manufacture and distribute the Cobra products within the defined geographical region. This licence applies to the EMEA region.

What about the tooling?

Cobra Simulation® has invested heavily in the tooling and processes within the UK for its core 1.8m product and its accessories. The recovery of the cost would be included within the financial arrangements.

Which Products will be included in the initial licence?

Cobra Curved Displays:

o   Cobra® 1.8m panorama (Up to 150° HFOV)
o   Cobra® 3.2m panorama (Up to 360° HFOV)
o   All Cobra AV bundle configurations


o   Cobra® True Dimension

Value Adds:

o   1.8m Pedestal Suite
o   1.8m Cobra® Conference
o   D Series stands
o   X Series stands
o   1.8 Flight Cases

How long will the process take?

The UK already has an established manufacturing base, therefore the process timeline would be solely dependent on the completion of the legal framework. Handover and process training would take place dynamically over a 3-month period.

Would the licensee receive support?

Yes, Cobra Simulation® intends to support the handover process and provide ongoing support throughout the term of the agreement on a consultancy basis.

Would there be new products added?

The licenced company would have an option in respect of enhancements to existing products and in respect of any new products developments. (subject to contract)

Could your company market the products under its own brand?

Yes, however all products sold would require appropriate Cobra® branding recognition on the product and any literature.

My question is not listed?

After you submit your interest with presentation and you have been invited to continue in the process, your company will have an opportunity to ask further questions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cobra Simulation


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How immersive simulation helped MBDA showcase UK sovereign defence capability

Apache helicopter cockpit in our 4m dome display.

P1030595 1

Cobra Simulation partnered with Bohemia Interactive Simulations to deliver an immersive visual solution to MBDAs Future Attack Helicopter Weapon for aт AH-64E Guardian attack helicopter. This solution was launched by MBDA Systems at DSEi 2015. During the event MBDA systems showcased its potential multirole missile solution for the British Army’s Future Attack Helicopter in combination with our highly portable single channel Cobra Curved Display solution “Cobra Horizon”.

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Meet the newest additions to our team



Rod Stafford – Sales Director

Rod is a senior exec with a demonstrable track record of using his leadership, management, analytical, strategic planning and communication skills to innovate and repeatedly exceed expectations in both the public and private sectors. His knowledge of the simulation industry and his 13-year military career bring real power to the Cobra elbow.

Artyom (Arty) Semenov – Business Development Manager

Arty is just about to complete his Master of Science Degree in Digital Creativity and worked with Cobra Simulation during his studies on a product research and development project. He brings a mixed set of skills covering VR & Immersive Simulation study and design, illustration and graphic design and a confident outgoing yet professional enthusiasm to his work.

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