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Scottish collaboration in global first

Cobra Simulation Limited is delighted to announce that they, together with Airliner1 were invited to attend the FSEMC (Flight Simulator Engineering and Maintenance Conference) in Tulsa Oklahoma by ASTi (Advanced Simulation Technology inc.).  ASTi, here to launch a groundbreaking package for the ATC simulator sector and have partnered with Cobra and Airliner1 to create a world first.  This annual conference sees the world’s major flight simulator manufacturers and commercial airlines come together and is the perfect platform for these companies to showcase their wares to the people who really matter.

Power in numbers

ASTi is an industry leader in audio and communications systems and is at the conference to launch SERA, the world’s first fully automated, interactive, real time ATC simulator system.  And ASTi has teamed up with Cobra and Airliner1 to take their new concept to a previously unimaginable level.  ASTi’s Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA) transparently creates a dynamic, artificially intelligent environment filled with aircraft and air traffic controllers to increase the realism of flight training.  A system that provides a truly immersive ATC and traffic experience in the air and on the ground, the SERA system, in conjunction with the Cobra display and the Airliner1 cockpit, makes for a unique and presently unrivalled opportunity for flight training.

Immediate savings for the airline industry

SERA works with real time airport and airline information to eliminate the need for instructor role-play by introducing real-world communication demands, and increasing training value, at the same time as reducing training costs.  In Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) scenarios crews receive and read back dynamic, customized ATC instructions from pushback to taxi amid all the other traffic present in the real world.  State-of-the-art speech technology teaches and reinforces proper radio phraseology to new pilots, including those who speak English as a second language.  These benefits, combined with the quality of the Cobra display and the Airliner1 cockpit are tipped to transform flight training.

The sky’s the limit

This combination of expertise, technology, innovation and enthusiasm is a perfect example of what three separate companies can achieve by working together.  In this instance, these companies have combined forces to create an innovative and currently untouchable turnkey flight training solution at a highly cost effective price.  This really is synergy at its very finest.

Here’s what the people involved have to say:

Alexander Bradley, Managing Director at Cobra Simulation: “This event is another example of why partnerships in business are so important.  Independently we each already have great solutions, however when you combine them we create a solution for the aviation industry that is truly unique and unmatched.”

Steve Masson, Managing Director at Airliner1: “Together we are able to provide the complete solution which transforms the future of flight simulation training.  The buzz around the booth has been great.”

Neil Waterman, Commercial Aviation Lead at ASTi:  “Having our partners join us on the booth helped demonstrate how effective SERA, our ATC software is for training pilots. The feedback we have had has been great.”

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The Cobra Curved Display to feature a JTAC simulation at ITEC 2014

Cobra Simulation along with Simulation Displays and Nautilus International Risk Consultants has partnered to feature at ITEC in Germany showcasing the Cobra Curved Display. Find us at booth C120 Cologne Messe.

See a real world live demonstrations of a JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) simulation by Nautilus International Risk Consultants who provide the Cobra Curved Display to the UK MOD in synthetic environment training scenarios — the demonstration is displayed on a 6-channel, 3m collapsible dome and small footprint SD-Cobra Curved Display, which provides a high quality spherical panoramic display, supporting a single projector.

IMG 7144

Alexander Bradley Managing Director at Cobra Simulation said "The military is a key growth market for Cobra Simulation. We launched the Cobra Curved Display to the Military market at ITEC in Rome last year, the feedback and subsequent sales were great. We are thrilled to have one of our clients Nautilus International Risk Consultants partner with us on the booth to demonstrate their application. "

The JTAC is one of the most crucial people on the battlefield. Taking responsibility for a three dimensional airspace and multiple assets, both ground and air — often whilst under fire and extreme pressure — requires a calm head, moral courage and the ability to make quick decisions whilst working under strict Rules of Engagement. 

Training for Operations on a simulator gives the JTAC and a pilot the chance to work through complex scenarios, all based upon operational experience and lessons identified. 

Simulation Displays will demonstrate how this can be achieved, via 10-minute long training scenarios. Van der Helm describes how this joint air/land simulation will be presented. “The JTAC will stand in front of the Dome, which displays the ground environment and communicates and controls with the pilot through his mission at the Cobra station.” Additional content for the dome will be provided by Makemedia, specialists in large-scale 3D simulation/visualisation content.

Nautilus International Risk Consultants C4ISTAR Manager, Matthew Jones said “The Cobra Curved Display has been an excellent training system, to practice JTACs , Mortar Fire Controllers and Ground Commanders in their decision making process. The ability to immerse individuals in tactical scenarios, employing Lessons Identified from Theatre, has been invaluable.”



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Cobra Simulations founder launches NEW blog

Cobra Simulations founder Alexander Bradley launches the new company blog. Alexander Bradley says "Me writing a blog? Am still getting used to the idea however am reliably informed that I should give it a go and that am doing the right thing so here goes."


Alexander will be sharing his knowledge across a multitude of topics over the coming months covering everything from lessons learnt starting a new company to his thoughts on tomorrow’s technology along with a few surprises on the way.

Not one to take himself too seriously he has ditched his shirt and tie in favour of a more personal photo to share with his readers. Alex says "Being from Sconny Botland a picture from our family day up in the Trossachs of Scotland is a definite must. We are very lucky to have this amazing scenery within a 1 hour drive of our home. It’s a great way to switch off from the day to day tasks of the company. And yes that is my daughter’s child seat!"

Alexander’s first Blog covers one of the hottest topics for all budding entrepreneurs following his own personal experience “How to get your tech innovation on the Gadget Show”

Check out the full Blog here


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UK defence company Nautilus International deploys the Cobra Curved Display

The SD - Cobra Curved Display received its latest endorsement from UK defence company Nautilus International. Nautilus International provides services and products in C2, C4ISTAR, ISR, Simulation, Training and unmanned aerial systems to military, defense, civil and government organisations worldwide.


Nautilus International has invested heavily into all aspects of Military simulation which includes its latest purchase of the Cobra display from our UK partners Simulation Displays.

Nautilus quoted "The Cobra Curved Display is the perfect choice for running simulated military scenarios, in conjunction with Bohemia Interactive Virtual Battle Space 2 software.This highly portable, high fidelity and high quality immersive screen is the first choice for military displays."

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Cobra Simulation opens satellite office in New Zealand

Cobra Simulation has officially opened its first international satellite office in New Zealand. Our new demo facility is based out of Tauranga on the stunning North island and offers potential customers in the Australasia region an opportunity to experience the Cobra Curved Display first hand without the need to travel to Scotland.



Alexander Bradley Managing Director at Cobra Simulation said "We are keen to expand our footprint internationally and the management team have made this a focus for the business in 2014. We have worked closely for several years with our partners Bennett Mirror Technologies in both research & development and production of one of Cobra Simulations key components. We were seeking a more direct presence in Australasia & New Zealand, as the team in Tauranga have intimate knowledge of our products it was an obvious choice to house the new demo facility there. Am thrilled we were able to expand the team."

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