Gadget Show presenters confronted by missing Cobra's


The public have been alerted after Cobra Simulation discovered a pair of its highly venomous Cobra's went missing. The 2 black Cobras weighing in at 85Kg each and standing at just over 2 meters tall were being kept at a secure facility in Scotland. It was later discovered that the Cobra's had made there way south and according to reports were discovered in the Gadget Show studios in Birmingham several days later.

A film crew on site captured the moments when Jason Bradbury the shows longest serving presenter and Rachael Riley the newest member of the team where confronted by these rare reptiles. In a Gadget Show first North One TV who produce the show have agreed to air the footage of the encounter on Monday the 25th November, channel 5 at 20:00.

It is believed that both presenters kept their cool whilst helping to handle the 2 giants. Its will most definitely be one of the shows highlights since it first aired in 2004. This is TV that you just cannot not miss.

Monday 25th November, Channel 5 at 20:00


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Cobra took to the skies over Holland in the new Jetmax 777

Cobra took to the skies with the Jetmax 777 at the FS Weekend in Lelystad, the Jetmax777-SKTQ is the latest from Flight Deck Solutions range of single user flight decks. Both products making their first European appearances together.


This was the official launch of the Jetmax 777 and Cobra Simulation was extremely excited to cover the Jetmax 777 in juicy crisp curved visuals. Showcased with the Optoma HD25-LV this bright colourful 3200 lumens projector shows how it can hold its own as our recommended entry level projector.


The Jetmax 777-SKTQ was integrated to FSX via Sim Avionics new 777 software. Budding virtual pilots enjoyed everything this enthusiasts system has to offer testing their skills with a 10nm approach into London Heathrow.


A huge thanks to each and every person whom visited our stand, we had a great time at the show and hoped you enjoyed seeing some great products brought together to make a unique worlds first simulator.

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Cobra to be at the International Flight Simulation Show in Lelystad Holland on the 2nd /3rd November 2013

See the Cobra Curved Display at the International Flight Simulation Show in Lelystad Holland on the 2nd /3rd November 2013. Making its International debut with Jetmax from Flight Deck Solutions. Look out for us on the Flightdeck Solutions, Ltd (FDS) Flightsimtech GmbH booth

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Cobra & Virtual Aerospace soars at RAF Cosford

Cobra Simulation in partnership with Virtual Aerospace took to the skies for the first time together at the RAF Cosford Museum Flight Simulation show 2013. Showcasing the 737-800 Jetmax cockpit with the Cobra Curved Display immersive dome screen. With over 1200 dedicated enthusiasts the stand was packed from morning till night. 


The 2 products together provide the ideal commercial jet combo or training aid for budding pilots especially where budget and space are a premium. The Jetmax slides neatly inside the Cobra Curved Display providing the pilot with an much more natural bezel free wide field of view and a 1:1 scale accurate interactive cockpit.


The Cobra was on show with the high quality superb Projection Design F35 running in stunning 2.5K resolution (2560 x 1600) at 4000 lumens achieving an excellent 8 arc minutes per optical line pair. The F35 is a military/ commercial grade projector housed in a magnesium case and is well known in the industry for delivering excellent colour & contrast.


Combined with the simulator was I-fly 737-800 from Flight1 software. Accurately simulating the avionics of this iconic aircraft. Experienced and training pilots quickly found their comfort zone as we offered short flight experiences between Manchester and London Heathrow with some even attempting the tricky London City approach and landings.

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See the Cobra Curved Display at RAF Cosfords flight simulation show on the 19th October together with the 737-800 Jetmax

The Cobra Curved Display makes its first public appearance with the new Jetmax 737-800 cockpit at RAF Cosford on the 19th October. This stunning combination of products takes flight simulation to a new level of immersion. Look out for us on the Virtual-Aerospace booth. Come and say hi.

We will be running the following config

Cobra Curved Display

2.5K resolution projector

Jetmax 737-800 with quadrant

Pro-flight Saitek yoke & pedals

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