Substrate Decay

The reflective quality of the projected image is only as good as the surface to which you apply the reflective coating. The plastic commonly used in first surface mirror production is often produced using the same methods as other everyday items. The way in which the material is formed, handled and transported after it is produced ultimately determines the quality of the plastic. When the mirror is fabricated any damage to the surface is magnified when the material is formed into its mirror shape. Once the reflective coating is applied it reflects not just your projected image but any "Substrate Decay". Cobra Mirrors are manufactured using unique processes with carefully selected high grade material to substantially reduce or remove "Substrate Decay" altogether.

Oxidisation & Durability

When something becomes oxidised it is in simple terms mixed with oxygen, as with all things in our universe when elements are mixed the by-product is a chemical reaction. A first surface mirror commonly uses aluminium for the coated reflective layer. However unless it is protected from the elements Ie. oxygen or humans, it can be damaged or oxidise. The material can be removed from the surface with the smallest of brushes and when exposed to oxygen over time loses some of its reflective quality, this can be detected with the naked eye as the surface turns a mustard yellow. First surface mirrors are generally protected with a very thin polymer coating which provides a small barrier to prevent oxidisation. However this protective coating can only be applied very thinly to ensure you do not introduce "ghosting" found on second surface mirrors.

Cobra Mirrors use the latest technology and innovation from the thin film industry, all Cobra Mirrors are coated in a special "fully transparent coating" locking in the aluminium reflective coating and locking out the oxygen. This formula provides additional protection from the human elements and is scratch, dust, dirt, water resistant whilst maintaining the transparent characterisitics needed for projection mirrors.


A first surface mirror can suffer from a phenomenon called "mottling". Mottling can be seen as a small very dim dark circle in a reflected image and is not covered under warranty. Cobra Mirrors use high grade optical material specifically selected to minimise mottling. Mottling does not effect the use or enjoyment of your Cobra Curved Display.


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