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  • C615 EA (Optional EP)

    The key task for a motion platform is to carry and displace load safely. Performance, reliablility, a simple interface and a durable product form the key attributes needed. Cobra is known for delivering high quality solutions to the simulation industry at an affordable price.

    Our range of platforms are aimed at professional applications within the commercial, military and entertainment world. The C615 is the first of our heavy duty platforms, with an increased payload of 1500kg it offers our clients an exceptional range of motion on a robust platform with effecient energy consumption.

    Each unit is designed and hand built by our team of experienced engineers, our platforms then undergo a thorough quality control inspection before our clients are invited to undergo full acceptance testing.

    • Aviation
    • Automotive
    • Military
    • Entertainment

    The Cobra motion platform range heralds the way forward combining

    • Cutting-edge technology
    • Reliable and simple interface and
    • State of the art design

    If you have a specific requirement and parameters that you cannot find in our range please get in touch. Our platforms are fully customisable.

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  • The C615 motion platform has a list of great features:

    • 1500kg payload
    • Extended displacement
    • Fully electric
    • Low maintenance
    • Simple HMI interface (included)
    • Choice of axis or parallel mounted motors
    • Small footprint

    1500kg payload
    Increase payload capacity allows for a much flexible solution with extended occupancy.
    Extended displacement
    With sway, surge and heave movements of upto 250mm and upto 27° of Roll/ Pitch/ Yaw the motion platform offers further application flexibility.
    Fully electric
    A fully electric system avoids hydraulic leaks and reduces the need for maintenance.
    Low maintenance
    All our platforms are designed to ensure they require only the minimum of maintenance ensure the life cycle costs are low.
    Simple HMI interface
    The C615 is the first in our range to come with the HMI as standard
    Axis or parallel
    Dependant on budget there is a choice of either parallel or axis mounted motors.
    Small footprint
    With a footprint under 1.6m square this platform can be deployed into even the smallest of rooms.
  • Mechanical Specifications

      C615-EA (Electrical on Axis) 1500KG
    C615-EP (Electrical Parallel) 1500KG
     (optional upgrade)

    Motion System actuation

      Full electric

    Degrees of freedom

      6 (Pitch Roll Yaw Sway Surge Heave)




      Parallel Motors

    Nominal Size (Parked)

      Width 2100mm

    Length 1800mm

    Height 1100mm

    Approx Unit Weight


    Anchoring Specification

      Chemical anchoring

     Base-frame extensions  
    Performance Specifications

    Payload Mass Limit


    Payload CG horizontal offset

      Less than 500mm from centroid of motion platform

    Payload CG vertical offset

      Less than 500mm high from top of motion platform





      ± 27°

    ± 40deg/s

    ± 400deg/s²


      ± 25°

    ± 40deg/s

    ± 400deg/s²


      ± 27°

    ± 40deg/s

    ± 400deg/s²


      ± 200mm

    ± 0.5m/s

    ± 7.0m/s²


      ± 250mm

    ± 0.6m/s

    ± 7.0m/s²


      ± 200mm

    ± 0.4m/s

    ± 7.0m/s²

    Electrical Specifications

    Power Supply Requirements

          360v-60A 3Ph

    Average Power Consumption


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