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  • The Cobra Curved Display ™ is such a flexible solution it is easier to write about where it cannot be deployed. There are many applications that can improve your business performace, experience or message.

    • Are you looking to grow profits?
    • Improve your training facility?
    • Attract more visitors?
    • Enhance communications in your business?
    • Create an entertainment hub?

    The Cobra Curved Display ™ has been deployed in over 40 locations worldwide across multiple markets and sectors. It was recently described as setting a new bench mark in the industry and heralds the way forward combining

    • Cutting-edge technology
    • Superior versatility and
    • State of the art design

    With the emergence of 4K or ultra HD you can rest assured that your Cobra Curved Display ™ is so flexible that you can swap out an older projector for the latest 4K projector in only a few minutes*

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    *Subject to model & chassis size, some small adjustments may be required to re-align the warping grid.

  • The Cobra Curved Display ™ is packed with features with two benefit at its core. "It is simple to assemble and easy to use"

    • Simple to assemble
    • Panodome screen
    • Flexible projectors
    • Wide field of view
    • 3in1 protective hood
    • Dual air scoops
    • Small footprint
    • Portable
    • Bundled with warping software

    Simple to assemble
    The product is designed to be assembled in the shortest time possible. The two major components are pre-assembled and require only 10 nuts and bolts to secure the main structure.
    Panodome screen
    Actual dome content is scarce which is why the Cobra Curved Display ™ uses a panadome design. Its shape better aligns with today's rectangular content offering greater compatibility.
    Flexible Projectors
    Its unique design means the product can support a wide range of professional projectors and chassis sizes by simply rotating and remounting the projector platform.
    Wide field of view
    Supporting up to 150° horizontal and 66° vertical field of view. High fidelity is key for any demanding immersive visual solution.
    3in1 protective hood
    No need to compromise, this 3in1 hood protects the mirror from falling dust, blocks much of the ambient light and directs heat up and away from the user.
    Dual air scoops
    Every projector has a unqiue airflow managment system, this is why the Cobra has dual airscoops for front vented projectors. Ensuring air is draw in or expelled from above to prevent overheating.
    Small footprint
    Space is at a premium, that is why our product has a uniquely small footprint. So small it can even be place on a standard office desk.
    With high quality custom made re-usable packaging you can remove the 10 nuts and bolts, pack and wrap your product in record time.
    Warping software
    Our 1.8m (6ft) Cobra Curved Display comes bundled with a single user licence for Cobra true dimension software

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  • Draw1  Draw2Draw3

     Width 1821 mm
     Depth 1492 mm
     Height 1357 mm
     Weight (Unboxed) 83 kg (approx.)
     Weight (Boxed) 135 kg (approx.)
     Box dimensions road & sea L1200 x D1000 x H1850 mm
     Box dimensions air freight L1850 x D1200 x H850 mm
     Box cubic volume 202,242 cubic cm
     Screen gain (approx.) 0.87
     Screen color Grey
     Supported throw ratio 1.7
     Suggested min lumens 1500
     Recommended lumens 3000
     Min software requirements Win8.1 or Win7 32/64bit (Running windows Aero)
      Direct x 9,10,11 or Open GL v2.0 & above

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  • Cobra Simulation have extensively tested a range of affordable high quality projectors for use with the Cobra Curved Display. Our mid range projectors are supplied by JVC, JVC are known for delivery premium projectors at affordable prices. The DLA-RS range is no exception. We have tested all three 2012 professional models and they perform superbly well especially for cinema & 3D content.

    EH300 300 medium Optoma EH300
    The Optoma EH300 is our recommended bright entry model high definition projector. Utilising the latest DLP® technology, the EH300 delivers exceptional crystal-clear Full HD native resolution and immersive 3D visuals.

      • High Definition (1920x1080)
      • Native 1080p (3D)
      • Up to 3800 lumens
      • Up to 15,000 : 1 contrast ratio


    JVC's DLA-RS49 is the industry's most affordable 4K-input D-ILA projector. It features e-shift3 technology that supports 4K input sources up to 60p, JVC's Color Management System, outstanding 3D performance and 5 lens memory presets, all with a native contrast ratio of 60,000:1 and a dynamic contrast of 600,000:1.

        • Virtual 4K e-shift 3 in 2D only (3840 x 2160)
        • Native 1080p (3D)
        • Up to 1300 lumens
        • Up to 60,000 : 1 contrast ratio
    sonyvpl vw500es 256 Sony VPL-VW500ES
    Incredible 4096 x 2160 resolution pictures and an exceptionally high dynamic contrast ratio of 200,000:1 produce details so stunning, it is hard to think you need anything else. One of the best 4K projectors on the market and is a popular choice for our clients.

      • Native 4K @ 60hz (4096x2160)
      • Native 1080p (3D)
      • Up to 1700 lumens
      • Up to 200,000 : 1 contrast ratio

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  • The Cobra Curved Display has been designed to give maximum flexibility when considering when and where to install it. The product will sit comfortably on any flat surface or standard office desk. We appreciate that every installation is different, which is why we have developed a basic stand.

    Our D630 stand has been specifically developed for the Cobra Curved Display allowing our customers to balance their needs with their budget. Cobra Simulation offers a design service for custom projects and one off stands can be designed and built.

    Please contact us if you would like a stand made to your specifications.

    D630 D-series D630

    Our D-series stands are made from mild steel and designed to offer our customers a strong solid supporting structure where budget is important. The D630 comes in 6 pre-assembled parts and is very easy to assemble. The D630 is supplied in a textured black finish.

      • 630mm height
      • Strong mild steel structure
      • Textured black finish
      • Easy to assemble

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  • Cobra Simulations promotional video demonstrating the flexible types of content Watch now
    The Cobra Curved Display comes bundled with Cobra True Dimension warping software, see how to use a laser leveler to align the grid. Watch now
    The Elumenati at the American Association of Museums Conference May 2013 Watch now


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