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  • This large 4m (13ft) panorama offers an extra wide field of view. There are many applications that can improve your orgainsations performace, experience or message.

    • Symmetric 210° x 75° degreee field of view
    • Deploy your training facility remotely
    • Large enough for dual seat cockpits and full size vehicles.
    • Planetary exploration
    • Create an entertainment hub for upto 15 people

    The 4m (13ft) panodome has been deployed across multiple markets and sectors in various sizes. It is supplied as either an inflatable or as a semi-rigid unit. Our 4m panodome single channel system is design to fit in spaces with a minimum ceiling height of 9ft.

    • Cutting-edge technology
    • Superior versatility and
    • State of the art design

    Do you need a screen thats a different size? Please contact us to discuss what you need.

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  • The Cobra Curved Display ™ is packed with features with one benefit at its core. "It is simple to assemble and easy to use"

    • Simple to assemble
    • Panodome screen
    • Deisgned for use with a single channel fish eye lens
    • Wide field of view
    • Inflatable or semi rigid option
    • Portable

    Simple to assemble
    The product is designed to be assembled in the shortest time possible.
    Panodome screen
    A panodome screen offers creater flexibility for deployment in standard sized rooms
    Single channel
    This system is designed to be deployed with the latest fish eye lens
    Wide field of view
    Supporting up to 210° horizontal and 75° vertical field of view. High fidelity is key for any demanding immersive visual solution.
    Inflatable or semi rigid
    No need to compromise, a choice of 2 designs giving you maximum choice for your needs
    With high quality custom made re-usable packaging you can remove the 10 nuts and bolts, pack and wrap your product in record time.

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  •  Width 4400 mm (14.4ft)
     Depth 3000 mm (10ft)
     Height 2800 mm (9ft)
     Weight (Unboxed) 52 kg (115 Ibs)
     Weight (Boxed) -
     Box dimensions road & sea -
     Box dimensions air freight -
     Box cubic volume -
     Screen gain (approx.) 0.87
     Screen color Grey
     Acessories included: Inflation & ultra quiet impeller screen fans
     Suggested min lumens Shipping case
     Recommended lumens Manual and patch kit
     Min software requirements Omnimap or Omnity integration

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  • Ultra wide single channel projection systems

    Our single-channel OmniFocus™ projection systems dramatically increase the overall simplicity and flexibility of immersive environment design. Pragmatic benefits over conventional multi-channel systems include: Infinite depth of field for a variety of projector placements and screen surfaces Rapid development of single-channel real-time applications No multi-channel edge blending, content splicing and dicing, or color correction

    250series OmniFocus™ C250 series
    Perfect for portable systems and small domes, the 250 series lens is designed for the Canon Realis projector. These latest LCOS systems offer 1920×1200 resolution and up to 6,000 lumens; a 3-channel light engine for superior color saturation; and dichroic filters for long life and cost-effective maintenance.
      • Upto 4K (4096x2160)*
      • Folded or straight lens options
      • Up to 10,000 lumens
      • Latest LCOS systems

    OmniFocus™ C550 series

    The Omni C550 series is perfect for professional A/V installations, more rugged than the 250 series but still small enough to be portable. The 550 series includes options for 3D stereo projection HD and ultra-high resolution, as well as fulldome configurations.

        • Upto WQXGA (2560x1600)*
        • Folded or straight lens options
        • Up to 8,000 lumens
        • Latest single chip DLP
    650series OmniFocus™ C650 series
    The OmniFocus™ C650 series is optimized for high-end professional A/V installations, with bright, colorful projection in large spaces. They support 24/7 operation but are not portable. The three-chip DLP display provides extreme brightness and excellent color saturation.

      • Upto 1920x1200 resolution
      • Straight lens options
      • Up to 10,000 lumens
      • Up to 200,000 : 1 contrast ratio

    OmniFocus™ C750 series

    The OmniFocus™ 750 series is the latest in 4K innovatoin. Bringing together Digital Designs Insight 4K laser 3 chip DLP platform with the latest OmniFocus™ lens delivers a ground breaking high resolution single channel solution to teh very high end professional A/V installations. The C750 series is design for fixed truncated installations only.

        • Upto 4K (4096x2616)*
        • Folded or straight lens options
        • Up to 12,000 lumens
        • Latest 3 chip DLP

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  • All our panodome 4m screens are self supporting, however we appreciate that not every installation is the same. We can deisgn custom mounting systems should you need to raise the screen from floor level or suspend.

    Please contact us if you would like a stand made to your specifications.

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