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  • The Cobra Conference ™ is a state of the art fully integrated immersive high definition conferencing solution. The platform supports all Windows based conferencing software. Using our recommended software you can make point to point or multi point high definition audio and video calls via a server based hardware configuration or cloud based platform.

    Everything about this solution is designed with simplicity in mind. A single power on/off table height button ensures the system is ready to use in under a minute. A familiar simple interface allows users to call internally from a sign on/off list or dial to any one of 3 million existing conference facilities deployed world wide*.

    Ask these questions of your organisation:

    Travel Expenses
    What does it cost your organisation to send a person to another site for a meeting? For example vehicle wear and tear, fuel, flights, trains, buses etc.

    Time per hour
    How many hours and at what cost will those people be "Out Of Office"?

    Could you be more productive with less travel?

    Reliable Experience
    What does it cost your organisation when trying to make video calls that are, low quality, and drop calls using freely distributed closed loop software?

    Consider these four areas carefully and multiply the cost to your organisation by the number of people who could benefit from the Cobra Conference platform everyday.

    Product Features Benefits
    Immersive wide field of view H150° x V66° field of view
    Large screen surface area Up to 16 consecutive feeds displayed at one time*
    Single button system on/ off Simple for users to operate
    Fully integrated server & client configurations Single platform multiple deployment types
    Small footprint Create a conference room in any existing space, or deploy multiple hubs in a single room
    Seating for up to 3 persons Mini focus group video calls
    Large work top space Plenty of space for 3 laptops or note pads
    Portable platform with drop down wheels Re-configure your designated conference areas in minutes
    Single cable output to power source No cable clutter
    Herman Miller ergonomic office seats Employee focused comfort for long calls
    Cutting edge design, materials and profile Stand out centre piece in any office space
    System Features* System Benefits*
    High definition video calls Consistent high quality point to video feed
    High definition audio Clear personal audible conversations
    Multi point conferencing Connect multiple people to a video call in HD
    Simple user interface Easy familiar interaction to make and receive calls
    Remote controlled camera (both ends)* Effortless camera configuration
    Carl Zeiss optics Precise image capture

    The first Cobra Conference suite was launched in September 2014 into the brand new Creative Exchange facility in partnership with Edinburgh City Council as part of the Connected Cities initiative. The system was designed to occupy a small area, provide fast reliable high definition private conferencing facilities whilst meeting the building designers' architectural vision for the space. It has quickly become the system of choice for all video conferencing due to its ability to host reliable audible high definition quality calls.

    The platform uses our very succesful immersive display technology "Cobra Curved Display ™" which has been deployed in over 40 locations worldwide across multiple markets and sectors. It was recently described as setting a new benchmark in the industry and heralds the way forward combining

    • Cutting-edge technology
    • Superior versatility and
    • State of the art design

    Bringing together the Cobra Curved Display and our bespoke fully integrated suite to accomodate it delivers a low cost, small footprint, immersive premium alternative to full room fixed video conferencing solutions. You can deploy multiple hubs for the same cost as a single conference room.

    Start connecting your sites with the latest immersive display video conferencing technology and start saving your organisation time and money.

    With the emergence of 4K or ultra HD you can rest assured that your Cobra Conference is so flexible that you can swap out an older projector for the latest 4K projector in only a few minutes*

    Contact our specialist now for more information 

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    *Only when purchased with our recommended conferencing software

  • The Cobra Conference ™ is packed with features with two key benefits at its core. "It saves your business money and it is easy to use"

    • Immersive wide field of view
    • Large surface area
    • Single button system on/off
    • Fully integrated server & client configurations
    • Small footprint
    • Seating for up to 3 persons
    • Large worktop space
    • Portable platform with drop down wheels
    • Single cable output to power source
    • Herman Miller ergonomic office seats
    • Cutting edge design, materials and profile

    Wide field of view
    H150° x V66° field of view. Utilising our unique Cobra Curved Display immersive screen for a real peronsal experience.
    Large surface area
    Up to 16 consecutive feeds displayed at one time*. Have a large team? Have up to 16 people displayed at one time on screen, only possible with the Cobra Conference.
    Single on/ off
    Simple for users to operate using a single power on/ off button.
    Fully integrated
    Single platform with multiple deployment types supporting onboard hardware or cloud solutions.
    Small footprint
    Create a conference room in anyspace, or deploy multiple hubs in a single room.
    up to 3 persons
    Get the benefit of mini focus groups who can connect to anyone anywhere in the world.
    Large work top space
    Plenty of space for 3 laptops and or note pads to get the most from your conference call.
    With drop down wheels you can re-configure your room or conference space in minutes.
    Single cable output
    Absolutely no cable clutter, everything is self contained with only a single cable to output to your power source.
    Ergonomic seats
    Employee focused comfort for long calls with Herman Miller designer seats.
    Cutting edge design
    Stand out centre piece in any office space, state of the art design and profile.

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  • cobraconferencedrawings  

     Width 1820 mm
     Depth 1545 mm
     Height 2100 mm
     Weight (Unboxed) 400 kg (approx.)
     Weight (for transport) 500 kg (approx.)
    Table type Glass
    Portable Yes (castors)
    Seats 3
     Screen gain (approx.) 0.87
     Screen color Grey
     Supported throw ratio 1.7
     Suggested min lumens 1500
     Recommended lumens 3000
     Min software requirements Win8.1 or Win7 32/64bit (Running windows Aero)
      Direct x 9,10,11 or Open GL v2.0 & above

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  • Cobra Simulation has extensively tested a range of affordable high quality projectors for use with the Cobra Curved Display. Below you will find 3 featured exceptional projectors, you can browse the manufacturers tabs for more options.

    EH300 300 medium Optoma EH300
    The Optoma EH300 is our recommended bright entry model high definition projector. Utilising the latest DLP® technology, the EH300 delivers exceptional crystal-clear Full HD native resolution and immersive 3D visuals.

      • High Definition (1920x1080)
      • Native 1080p (3D)
      • Up to 3800 lumens
      • Up to 15,000 : 1 contrast ratio


    JVC's DLA-RS49 is the industry's most affordable 4K-input D-ILA projector. It features e-shift3 technology that supports 4K input sources up to 60p, JVC's Color Management System, outstanding 3D performance and 5 lens memory presets, all with a native contrast ratio of 60,000:1 and a dynamic contrast of 600,000:1.

        • Virtual 4K e-shift 3 in 2D only (3840 x 2160)
        • Native 1080p (3D)
        • Up to 1300 lumens
        • Up to 60,000 : 1 contrast ratio
    sonyvpl vw500es 256 Sony VPL-VW500ES
    Incredible 4096 x 2160 resolution pictures and an exceptionally high dynamic contrast ratio of 200,000:1 produce details so stunning, it is hard to think you need anything else. One of the best 4K projectors on the market and is a popular choice for our clients.

      • Native 4K @ 60hz (4096x2160)
      • Native 1080p (3D)
      • Up to 1700 lumens
      • Up to 200,000 : 1 contrast ratio

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  • Cobra Simulations promotional video demonstrating the flexible types of content Watch now
    The Cobra Curved Display comes bundled with Cobra True Dimension warping software, see how to use a laser leveler to align the grid. Watch now
    The Elumenati at the American Association of Museums Conference May 2013 Watch now


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