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  • DomeView is a real-time tool designed to preview and project dome content.

    DomeView offers the possibility to preview on the screen the content projected on a spherical surface, like a planetarium dome, or on a cylinder. The viewing position can be changed, like changing seats in the planetarium or even see the scene from outside the dome. A 3D model of a planetarium can be added for a more realistic view. To cope with many modern planetariums, the inclination can be set accordingly. It is also able to display the entire dome up to 360°.
    DomeView is also a powerful tool to project content on a dome, using a single video projector, a fisheye for example. The content can also be projected through the use of a spherical mirror, with all the necessary image corrections done in real time. By being able to project content coming from programs like Stellarium, Domeview is the ideal tool to manage a Digital Planetarium.
    Domeview is able to manage several inputs simultaneously. The media content is displayed according to the selected location, size and projection.
    The software handles video and images of different types. It also handles content coming directly from third party programs, such as Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Stellarium, Celestia, webcam, etc.

    The software is available for Windows in two versions:

    • DomeView — For content preview only.
    • DomeView Pro — Full version, able to preview and project content.

    The price of DomeView varies with the version:

    • DomeView — For content preview only: Trial period of 90 days - Full activation £90 + VAT
    • DomeView Pro — Full version, able to preview and project content: £600 + VAT

    For Educational and Volume licenses please contact us.

    Buy Domeview nowDownload demo

  • Projection mode: (Pro version only)

    • Fisheye Projection
    • Standard Projection
    • Spherical Mirror Projection
    • Multiprojector projection capabilities

    Preview mode:

    • Spherical View
    • Cylindrical View
    • Ability to import 3D model to compose the scene, e.g., a planetarium
    • Change viewing position

    Handles different types of media content:

    • Videos (.mov, .wmv, .avi, mpg, .mpeg, etc)
    • Images (.jpg, .gif, .bmp)

    Handles content arriving in realtime from other sources:

    • After Effects
    • Photoshop
    • Webcam
    • Stellarium
    • Celestia

    Great extended features:

    • Manage several Inputs simultaneously.
    • Easy to interface with third party applications.
    • Hyperdome ready
    • (display from 0° to 360°)

    Available for Windows only


Head office: United Kingdom 
Phone: +44 1506 634013

Cobra Simulation Limited
Unit 2A Inchmuir Road
Whitehill Industrial Estate
EH48 2EP


New Zealand
Phone: +64 7 928 5380

Cobra Simulation (NZ)
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