• omnimap3
  • Real-Time Geometry Correction Library

    Typical video projection systems display rectangular images on flat screens. For non-planar display surfaces like planetariums, domes, and panoramas, optical and geometric correction techniques must be employed to prevent video projected on the curved display from appearing distorted. OmniMap, OmniMapD3D, and OmniMapD3D10 are API’s that make real-time OpenGL, DirectX9, and DirectX10 applications compatible with OmniFocus projection systems or other custom immersive projection environments that map real-time content onto arbitrary projection surface shapes.

    Geometry correction routines are encapsulated in an easy-to-integrate C++ library. The pre-rendering API calls render the virtual environment into offscreen temporary buffers, while the OmniMap, OmniMapD3D, and OmniMapD3D10 API’s post-rendering calls account for lens optical distortion and screen geometry correction. All configuration and algorithm options are handled by configuration files and scripts, so configuration changes can be made without recompiling the program. OpenGL 2.0, Shader Model 3.0, and Shader Model 4.0 shaders are leveraged to take full advantage of new functionality provided by emerging graphics hardware. The cross-platform system is hardware accelerated using all of these shader models to take full advantage of new functionality provided by emerging graphics hardware.

    Developed by The Elumenati, New in OmniMap 2.0.3: New dome screen tessellation eliminates rendering artifacts on upper right and left hand sides of dome screen output.

    Now Supports the Cobra Curved Display™

    Natively warp content with in any OmniMap™ API integrated application. Requires the Cobra Omni manager Click here to learn more.....

    Developer Bundles

    We have created the developer bundle to encourage and support the integration of native Cobra rendered content into your projects. You could join other companies from around the world who are already developing content unique to the Cobra Curved Display. A developer bundle includes OmniMap™ API and a Cobra Omni Manager seat.

    Need OmniMap™ Integrated?

    Do you have an application you would like to enable for native non-planar warping. If so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Buy OmniMap™ API now

  • Hardware Accelerated
    • Hardware Accelerated
    • OpenGL 2.0 Vertex and Pixel Shaders
    • Direct3D Pixel Shader 3.0/4.0

    OpenGL or Direct3D 9/10 based and Cross-Platform
    • OpenGL-based
    • Currently compiled for Windows, future versions for OS X and Linux

    Arbitrary Projection Surfaces
    • Dome of any size or shape
    • Flat Walls
    • Any 3D mesh
    • Enabled for Cobra Curved Display

    Multiple Dome Modes
    • Fulldome (180x180)
    • Truncated Dome (180x135)
    • Can define any others

    Adjustable Dome Orientation
    • Vertical Dome Truncation
    • Horizontal Dome Truncation
    • Arbitrary Tilt
    Adjustable projector orientation and position
    • Arbitrary off-axis projector positioning
    • Projector does not have to be at the dome origin

    Adjustable Audience Position
    • "Sweet spot" configuration for variable audience locations

    Flexible Render Channels
    • 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 channel geometry correction render channels
    • Off-axis render channels

    Unit Conversions
    • Screen, audience, and projector geometry can be specified in terms of feet, inches, meters, or dome radii

    Heads-Up Display
    • Render Channel Preview
    • Console Window for interactive tweaking of configuration parameters

    Lua Scripting
    • Open access to algorithm details if desired through Lua scripts (http://www.lua.org)


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