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Q. What is the Cobra Curved Display?

A. The Cobra Curved Display is a spherical panadome projection screen. It uses a first surface mirror to reflect the content sent from a projector that supports a throw ratio of 1.7 back onto the panadome projection screen.

Q. How does it work?

A. Any projector that supports a throw ratio of 1.7 can be used with the Cobra Curved Display. Simply adjust the projector platform until the lens is centered on the cross hairs, adjust zoom and focus until the image covers the screen. Connect your projector to a Win7/Vista PC, install the Cobra warping software and  enjoy an enhanced immersive experience.

Q. Do I need a projector?

A. Yes

Q. Do you supply a projector?

A. Not as standard, if you require a projector with your Cobra Curved Display please contact us indicating a budget for a projector.

Q. I want to buy my own projector can you recommend one?

A. See our list of tested projectors.

Q. What does mottling mean and why is it not covered under my warranty?

A. Mottling is a common phenomenon with first surface mirrors, click here for more information.

Q. Why do we charge a transaction fee when using a credit card?

A. Our preferred method of payment is via fast bank transfer, bank transfers are set up via your online banking account. The majority of banks do not charge for this service and payment is normally received within 2 hours. This means that we can process your order quickly. Our card processing provider charges a fee for every credit card transaction processed. Goods are not dispatched until payment is received and some card transactions can take several days to reach our account. Please note: Cobra Simulation do not make a profit from these fees, what the provider charges is what our customers pay.

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