System Integration


System Integration

Combine, Create and Innovate

For the vast majority of simulation projects, system integration lies at the heart of whether that project succeeds or fails. In our experience, many businesses, both big and small often either select or are led to believe that complex and often excessively expensive solutions work best. At Cobra Simulation we believe that in most cases the opposite is true. In fact, when it comes to system integration, our mantra is that simple solutions motivate results and this drives us to combine, create and innovate in everything we do. Thanks to this approach we have become known for our ability to simplify the complex and use our experience to bring together software and hardware to provide seamless and surprisingly cost-effective results. We are masters of developing limited resources using our considerable expertise to effectively integrate what is often thought of as a range of non-compatible elements.

Our Philosophy

At Cobra, our philosophy is simple. It is to listen and to simplify. We believe that working this way enables us to “Combine, Create and Innovate” so our clients get great system integration solutions at great prices. With an acute awareness that simplicity (pretty much) always wins over big budgets, we focus on listening to what our customers need very early in our engagement process. It is thanks to this approach that we are able to truly understand our customer’s unique needs. And once we understand, we Combine, Create and Innovate in order to provide them with the simplest and most cost-effective solution to their pain or problem. It is this philosophy that we believe makes Cobra different.

Our Experience

The Cobra team brings together many years of experience in successfully managing innovative businesses and the application of immersive technologies in the simulation industry. With a solid foundation in product development and the backing of a strong team of designers, Cobra is able to combine the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications and Ray Tracing software to offer cost effective and innovative alternatives to the traditional products available in today's immersive technology marketplace. The Cobra team has global reputation for delivering top quality products and services on time and on budget.

Your system integration project

If you have a system integration project on the horizon, why not call on the skills of the Cobra team? We will help you save time and money by developing a full and comprehensive view of all the solutions open to you as well as presenting what we believe to be the most effective and appropriate option for your business. Working together means that you’ll be able to tap into the expertise of our team and enjoy our exemplary customer service. Why not get in touch today? After all, it costs absolutely nothing to chat.


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