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Cobra announces new product and partner ship with US firm The Elumenati at I/ITSEC

on Friday, 25 November 2016. Posted in November 2016

Cobra Simulation® announces a partnership with US firm The Elumenati to handle new projects in the Military/ Simulation markets. This combines Cobra's deep knowledge of simulation applications with proven Elumenati immersive technologies.


Cobra Simulation® announces a partnership with US firm The Elumenati to handle new projects in the Military/ Simulation markets. This combines Cobra's deep knowledge of simulation applications with proven Elumenati immersive technologies. Cobra Simulation® has delivered simulation solutions to many sectors worldwide, with clients including BAE Systems, Airbus, SAAB Avionics and MBDA Systems. Its 1.8m Panorama recently gained JALO accreditation as part of a portable JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) training system delivered by Nautilus International Consultants for the UKMOD.

The Elumenati are leaders in the field of immersive technologies, bringing decades of experience to designing and deploying immersive environments for clients from NASA to DreamWorks. Cobra's product line includes solutions based on The Elumenati's patented OmniFocus® fisheye projection systems, OpenDome® spherical displays, and suite of software solutions.

The Elumenati have been working with Cobra since 2013, when the Elumenati Cobra Panorama joined their line of turnkey GeoDome® Solutions. Based on Cobra’s 1.8m Curved Screen and mirror optics, it offers immersion and interactivity at an accessible price point which include exhibits at Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and the Orlando Science Centre

Both companies have collaborated heavily on software recognising the gap in the market for simple effective dome software solutions alongside an expanding immersive sector. The companies are continuing to develop and expand on its suite of software. Some of Cobra’s installs have been enhanced greatly since 2014 when both OmniMap® and Omnity 2.0® where fully integrated with the Cobra True Dimension® warping software. This integration extended the quality of the visual and provided 1-1 mapping alongside camera manipulation with the client’s applications.

BOOTH 2101

Canon invited the Elumenati and Cobra Simulation to join them at I/ITSEC in Booth 2101 at the West Concourse, Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando Florida. A room sized Cobra Curved Display® solution showcases Canon’s new 4K501ST projector with Cobra’s new Ellipsoidal OmniMirror technology, new Cobra Spider®, a customisable optical truss mount system in The Elumenati’ s 4.3m Panorama. With a spectacular list of new solution features, these include:


  • ·         Native 4K @ 60hz with the Canon 4K501ST’s new Marginal Focus feature
  • ·         Cobra’s Ellipsoid OmniMirror technology
  • ·         Upto 30% more pixels visible in the I/ITSEC configuration
  • ·         5 arcmin resolution
  • ·         Single-channel, fully focused edge-to-edge visuals
  • ·         160° HFOV x 80° VFOV semi-permanent 4.3m panorama display
  • ·         Euro pallet-sized flight case to house and transport full optical & IG system
  • ·         Prepar3D flight demo, showcasing OmniMap integration applicable to a variety of immersive environments
  • ·         Cobra’s True Dimension warping software, allows simple grid based warping on a Win7, 8.1, 10 OS when using spherical or ellipsoidal mirrors.

BOOTH 2681

Cobra Simulation is a member of ETSA (The European Training & Simulation Association). ETSA has invited Cobra Simulation to showcase its Cobra AV Pro®, 1.8m panorama 4K dome system. The smallest in its Cobra Curved Display® range the Cobra AV® has been deployed in over 75 locations worldwide and was the first product of its kind using its unique first surface mirror technology to see market traction back in January 2013. The attention to detail, simplicity, inclusive software/ licence, premium components and impressive accessories has ensured it continues to be the first choice of clients around the world for a high quality reliable desktop dome solution. The Cobra AV Pro® will feature eSIM Games “Steel Beasts Pro” application. eSim Games are an independent software developer specialized in virtual simulations of the fire control systems of armoured fighting vehicles in a combined arms tactical context.

A team from Cobra, including Managing Director Alexander Bradley, will be on hand at the Canon booth to answer questions and support sales enquiries.

Managing Director Alexander Bradley at Cobra Simulation® said “This is our biggest new product launch since we started the business back in 2012. We are very excited to be launching it alongside two great companies, Canon and The Elumenati. We have successfully collaborated with The Elumenati for years, and we're ready to move into the next phase of our plans to grow both businesses within their strongest sectors. The partnership gives Cobra Simulation a firm base of operations in the Americas, with The Elumenati’ s experienced engineering & design team based in Milwaukee to fully support all our Americas projects and support contracts. We have come to I/ITSEC to announce to the military/ simulation community that we are open for business on both the local and international stage, and our highly skilled team is ready to support your projects. Our products and solutions are among the most innovative and cost-effective in the industry.”
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