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on Wednesday, 01 July 2020. Posted in July 2020

Industry Awards for Small Business Of the year 2020

How the small business in central Scotland became the world’s market leader in single channel simulation domes.

Why Vote for Cobra? – Community driven impact, local workforce, disruptive yet positive innovation and fully endorsed by local and international clients, and all with a smile.

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S&T community impact

Cobra Simulation have had a substantial impact on the simulation & training industry. We are now the ‘go to’ supplier of small dome displays for the defence integrator community, having secured sales to Airbus, BAE, Boeing. (NCAG code U1L53) We have collaborated with Bohemia Interactive and Scalable Displays to bring to market a single channel wide field of view visualization of VBS/ Blue and with Novatech to design IGs optimised for our portable dome systems.

Local workforce

Supporting the local work force has been a core objective for us, over the last three years Cobra Simulation have provided paid apprenticeships and internships to individuals from the local community. Two thirds of our workforce live within a mile of our main facility in Bathgate, Scotland.


Unique first surface mirrors, optimised pixel distribution, mirror free from anomalies. Two components with fixed optical geometry. Quick and easy assembly, highly portable maximising training time vs set up and calibration. Continued R&D investment in our product lines with Scottish Government support to develop our latest 180-degree single channel dome.

Testimonials – THANK YOU!

We would like to thank: Dr.-Ing. Sönke Pink, Technical Manager Airbus Defence & Space, Dr. Sylvie Le May, research team leader, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire and Paul Duffy from Scottish Enterprise for their kind testimonials of their individual experiences with the Cobra Simulation products.

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