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Cobra Simulation & XVR Simulation turn heads at the Emergency Services Show 2015

on Thursday, 01 October 2015. Posted in September 2015

Hint: It was a huge success.

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With great content comes great responsibility. Cobra Simulation and XVR Simulation teamed up to deliver an unforgettable experience at the Emergency Services Show 2015 last week. The capabilities of the simulation training solution provided by XVR Simulation were amplified by the immersive display supplied by Cobra Simulation and heads definitely turned as the new Cobra AV set up loomed over the onlookers at stand E71...

The main idea behind this partnership is that without great content even the most impressive display is just a bit of plastic and without good immersive hardware the software delivers only part of the benefit. Working closely with XVR we are taking that that combination one step further by directly integrating our hardware and the XVR software platform using a state of the art plug in called Omnity.

Omnity allows the user not only to experience the world in immersive 3D but experience it in a perfect one-one representation. So when you see a hazard or a resource within the environment you see it proportionatily as you would do in the real world if seen from the perspective of the trainees avatar. This adds a further immersive layer switching on depth pereception, a key fidelity issue in tradtional flat screen deployments.

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At the Emergency Services Show the aim was to show how an immersive display can be used to augment the quality of training and result in multiple other benefits to the user: increased fidelity, greater presence, resulting in better knowledge aquisition and retention through amplified experience and, ultimately, better return on the training investment.

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Plans are already underway to upgrade the first joint XVR/Cobra integrated training centre within the UK and Europe. If you work in Emergency Services and deal with training or simulation, we'd would love to hear your input.

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