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Gadget Show presenters confronted by missing Cobra's

on Tuesday, 19 November 2013. Posted in November 2013


The public have been alerted after Cobra Simulation discovered a pair of its highly venomous Cobra's went missing. The 2 black Cobras weighing in at 85Kg each and standing at just over 2 meters tall were being kept at a secure facility in Scotland. It was later discovered that the Cobra's had made there way south and according to reports were discovered in the Gadget Show studios in Birmingham several days later.

A film crew on site captured the moments when Jason Bradbury the shows longest serving presenter and Rachael Riley the newest member of the team where confronted by these rare reptiles. In a Gadget Show first North One TV who produce the show have agreed to air the footage of the encounter on Monday the 25th November, channel 5 at 20:00.

It is believed that both presenters kept their cool whilst helping to handle the 2 giants. Its will most definitely be one of the shows highlights since it first aired in 2004. This is TV that you just cannot not miss.

Monday 25th November, Channel 5 at 20:00


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