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Meet the newest additions to our team

on Monday, 05 October 2015. Posted in October 2015



Rod Stafford – Sales Director

Rod is a senior exec with a demonstrable track record of using his leadership, management, analytical, strategic planning and communication skills to innovate and repeatedly exceed expectations in both the public and private sectors. His knowledge of the simulation industry and his 13-year military career bring real power to the Cobra elbow.

Artyom (Arty) Semenov – Business Development Manager

Arty is just about to complete his Master of Science Degree in Digital Creativity and worked with Cobra Simulation during his studies on a product research and development project. He brings a mixed set of skills covering VR & Immersive Simulation study and design, illustration and graphic design and a confident outgoing yet professional enthusiasm to his work.

Together, Rod and Arty will deliver on a formal business development plan that will see Cobra grow exponentially over a number of years. So far their efforts have given rise to key partnerships being established with leading content providers in the military and emergency services sectors: XVR Simulation and Bohemia Interactive Simulations. These developments mean that Cobra can deliver on the most demanding of projects where both content and immersive hardware are critical. Can you imagine a fully integrated simulation training centre that will increase your return on investment? We certainly can.

Want to find out more about simulation training centres, how to upgrade existing ones or our partnerships.

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