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Business Continuity in Action: Cobra Simulation Assemble French Order

on Monday, 20 April 2020.

The medium-term impact of Covid19 restrictions on business is becoming clearer by the day. We at Cobra Simulation understand that maintaining our nations’ defence and critical national infrastructure capability remains vital - and a pandemic isn’t a short-term emergency, it’s a rising tide crisis spanning months if not years. So it isn’t just current missions that need supported - it’s also training capability and capacity to ensure the success of future missions.

We have taken steps to ensure that our supply chain and onward logistics remain intact, and we have adapted our working practices to ensure the resilience of our assembly capability. So we can assure all our existing customers that we remain ready to deliver support as required, and we will be delivering on new orders to our promised timelines.

Right now the team are working hard to assemble one of our Cobra150 systems for an end user in the transport sector in France, and we have just achieved preferred supplier status for a set of flight simulators for a NATO defence force. So if you are one of our suppliers - please maintain your operations - you are in an essential supply chain, and if you are a customer - please place your orders, we will deliver!

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