JTAC in Warminster

on Sunday, 25 October 2020. Posted in October 2020

At the beginning of October, Cobra simulation were invited to the land warfare centre by the British army. We spent time with WO1 (Corps SM) Greg Dickson, Corps SM SASC at Headquarters Small Arms School Corps (SASC) In Waterloo Lines Warminster, to get some feedback on our new Cobra180 dome training solution.

Cobra ran a short AI based demo mission which included several air and land assets. The friendly forces were tasked with the defence of a Forward Operating Base (FOB), by delaying an advancing Armoured Infantry Company Group within a valley. The friendly assets included a number of dismounted Infantry, an attached JTAC and an Anti-Tank Section. Air support from two Typhoon Eurofighters and an A10 Warthog, two main battle tanks and an AH-64 Apache attack helicopter were also included within the scenario.

Cobra180® provides immersive visuals for individual JTAC accreditation. Mounted on one of our lightweight easy-assemble X180 series aluminium stands and in combination with Weapons Effect Simulator (WES) devices the Cobra180® enables highly realistic training for anti-tank and surface-to-air weapon systems.

VBS3 and VBS3Fires FST allows Cobra to provide JTACs with a high fidelity and very realistic geo-specific terrain, coupled with a large database of content that allows demanding scenarios to be produced.

The demo was designed to highlight the benefits of a large field of view for the trainee or an observer within the battlespace for both pilot and ground forces. The user could select any first-person view of the chosen asset in real time as the mission played out.

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