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Our Projects

Armagh Observatory & Planetarium

“Reviewing data sets along with optimising the projected image being shown in our dome theatre has become so much simpler to manage. Having the desktop sized immersive visual display in the office instantly provides that point of interaction which we were previously missing. Armagh’s astronomers have been able to engage directly with visitors taking them on personalised tours of the cosmos and we no longer need to wait on the attraction closing to review content. The support and service levels received from Cobra Simulation throughout have been excellent.”

Ciaran Magee, ICT Manager

Coventry University

"The students flock around the system and love the improved visuals. I personally am very happy with the system and does exactly as requested. The team have been excellent from first discussions about the systems to the final installation and all the communications and updates inbetween. They have been excellent with understanding the needs and issues with working with a University and I will be seeking to continue to purchase more systems in the near future to expand the area with multiple devices over the next few years."

The Norwegian Armed Forces - Flymed

"Our system was delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cobra Simulation was therefore unable to do the installation, but together we worked out a solution that suited our needs very well. The instructions for the installation are easy to understand and the support so far has been outstanding."

Edinburgh City Council

"The Cobra suite has enabled the Council to offer impressive, engaging and informative video conferencing demonstration sessions at the Creative Exchange facility in Leith. It is a modern, reliable and commercial product to engage with local businesses at events. "


"1.8m Cobra would be the differentiating feature set for its trainers"


"all the optics were built in so there was nothing to obstruct the clinical space"


“The Cobra150 now provides our device with the perfect, unrivaled visual solution in a small footprint."


"Horizon from Cobra helped us showcase UK sovereign defence capability"


"its ease of use makes it a perfect partner for our training device"
Our Projects