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How immersive simulation helped MBDA showcase UK sovereign defence capability

on Monday, 12 October 2015. Posted in October 2015

Apache helicopter cockpit in our 4m dome display.


Cobra Simulation partnered with Bohemia Interactive Simulations to deliver an immersive visual solution to MBDAs Future Attack Helicopter Weapon for aт AH-64E Guardian attack helicopter. This solution was launched by MBDA Systems at DSEi 2015. During the event MBDA systems showcased its potential multirole missile solution for the British Army’s Future Attack Helicopter in combination with our highly portable single channel Cobra Curved Display solution “Cobra Horizon”.

Reducing Costs

In a world where high fidelity, immersive simulation can make or break the training experience, our range of immersive displays are definitely the way forward. The technology is simple, yet clever. Cobra Simulation specialises in single channel solutions through the use of the OmniFocus™ lens and by integrating an API (OmniMap) into the IG application.

This means that you are no longer forced to use multiple channels and projectors to deliver a large immersive training environment. When you remove the need for multiple channels you substantially reduce the cost of ownership, reduce manpower, limit the technical knowledge required at deployment and substantially reduce the cost of annual maintenance proving it to be a popular choice where budgets are a primary focus.

Practical Benefits

From the designed eye point the display delivers a 200° horizontal field of view and 75° vertical field of view. Its light aluminium tubular construction means the entire display including its fabric based cover and screen can be assembled and ready to use in under 2 hours by a small team of 3 people.

Key Capabilities

This capability proved vital for the DSEi show and will help MBDA Systems in developing and demonstrating MBDAs Future Attack Helicopter Weapon to the military user and other key stakeholders. Appearances at other international events are also being considered.

If you have a requirement to upgrade or deploy a new immersive visual capability please get in touch.

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