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Warranty Statement

Products Supplied by Cobra Simulation Limited are supplied with a limited 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

Materials used are warranted in accordance with the supplier’s performance specification and warranty. Customers should ensure they are familiar with all aspects of performance and characteristics of materials in the finished part condition.

Cobra Simulation will warrant parts supplied which are to the agreed specification as listed and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure parts are fit for their application and meet their performance requirements. Cobra Simulation Limited are unable to accept responsibility for parts and their performance when they form part of an assembly designed and built by the customer.

Subject to the nature of the defect in the Product where appropriate and in the first instance Cobra Simulation shall, either to supply a replacement item for any part which is shown to have been improperly manufactured by Cobra Simulation or to allow credit for such item.

Cobra Simulation’s liability under this warranty shall in no event exceed the amount of the price charged for the Product. No other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, are or have been made by Cobra Simulation Limited. Cobra Simulation will have no obligation or liability for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind. Cobra Simulation Limited will not be bound or liable in any manner for any representation or warranty made by any person, except as specifically set forth herein.

Cobra Simulation shall reimburse the Customer for its reasonable shipping costs on the return of the Product or part if such Product or part is defective.

Cobra Simulation Limited thermoformed parts should be evaluated in consideration of the process technology which causes moulded parts to have characteristics and features which are unique to the process. Customers should ensure they are familiar with these characteristics and that parts supplied by Cobra Simulation Limited fully meet all aspects of their requirements. Whilst Cobra Simulation will provide technical support, it is not Cobra Simulation’s responsibility to ensure parts perform satisfactorily in an environment associated with the customer’s specialised application.

Where a Product has been tested by the Customer, Cobra Simulation shall not be liable for any fault or defect of the Product which was apparent during the test and which the Customer did not give notice to Cora Simulation at the time in circumstance where the Customer subsequently purchased the Product after testing.

Cobra Simulation supply moulded parts from sheet plastic. This process includes forming the plastic sheet, (the forming or moulding operation) during this process the characteristics of the sheet may change and Minor Mottling can occur but this does not impair the enjoyment of the use of the Product any such minor mottling is inherent in the Product and cannot be rectified or repaired.