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Articles in Category: April 2013

Cobra hosts the Protek rally race night

on Monday, 29 April 2013. Posted in April 2013

Congratulations Mark Gill

Cobra Simulation opened its doors to Protek a local business that specialises in car body repairs. With 12 entered drivers and one very special stig the race night was made up of 2 main events. A short technical stunt course of ramps handbrake turns and drifting then a traditional rally stage.

The competition was hot fast and furious with Mark battling his way through the ranks to find himself taking home a sleek bottle of Aberlour Whiskey.


Cobra Curved Display promo video goes live

on Monday, 15 April 2013. Posted in April 2013

The first video preview of the Cobra Curved Display in action. Upto 150° Horizon 66° Vertical FOV. Immersive yourself or your clients in the unique Cobra Curved Display. Utilising its Cobra True Dimension software to real time map the image to the screen. Flexible solution for many applications - Flight, Driving Simulation, Stereo 3D immersive movies, Immersive Video Conferencing, RC flight training, Education, scientific.


Credits: Music by: Composer name / Proud Music Library