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Articles in Category: November 2013

Cobra Curved Display featured on the Gadget Show

on Thursday, 28 November 2013. Posted in November 2013

"Best simulator experience ever" says Jason Bradbury


The Cobra Curved Display was featured on TVs most popular and longest running gadget series The Gadget Show. Quoted as being one of the best simulator experiences ever, fans of the show where treated to two great examples of the Cobra Curved Display from Rachael Riley and Jason Bradbury that included a full motion racing simulator and a Boeing 737 flight simulator.

Commercial Flight Sim Specs

- Cobra Curved Display

- Cobra True Dimension warping software

- Jetmax 737ng Cockpit

- JVC DLA RS66 running in E-shift 4K virtual resolution

- I-fly avionics

- Saitek professional yoke

Jason Bradbury a full qualified pilot tried his hand at the controls of an iconic airliner the Boeing 737NG. Placed on a 10 mile final into blighty or Heathrow Airport as its better known. Enjoying his flying experience he said "This has to be one of the best simulators I have ever flown"

Full Motion Racing Rig Specs

- Cobra Curved Display

- Cobra True Dimension warping software

- F35 WQXGA projector running in 2560 x 1600 resolution

- Vesaro V-Spec motion rig

- D-Box motion technology

- Tactile feedback system

- THX Certified sound

Rachael Riley found herself at the hands of an HPD ARX 01c racing car whilst trying to navigate the Watkins Glenn I-racing track. She said "This is so realistic, I am loving it"

Both configurations demonstrate how diverse and immersive your experience can be when you incorporate the Cobra Curved Display to a simulator.

For more information about one of our comprehensive simulators please contact us via our website.

Cobra Simulation to appear on The Gadget Show

on Monday, 25 November 2013. Posted in November 2013


Cobra Simulation, the innovative Scottish company behind a new technology that could revolutionise training simulation for airline pilots and the military, is to feature on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show on Monday 25 November.

Based in Livingston at the Alba Innovation Centre, a Scottish Enterprise funded project, Cobra Simulation was founded in 2012 by Alexander Bradley in order to develop, manufacture and market a ground-breaking new ‘2D/3D wraparound’ display solution.

Flight simulation markets alone were worth approx $3.2 Billion in 2012, and estimated to grow to $9.6 billion by 2018. Having previously been involved in a business specialising in flight simulation, Cobra’s founders identified a gap in the market and developed the Cobra Curved Display, the world’s first panadome spherical projection screen to use a single projector. The product uses the latest in first surface mirror technology and image warping software to provide an enhanced, immersive viewing experience.

Cobra’s managing director, Alexander Bradley says: “The difference in experience between traditional simulators and our screens is similar to that which you would feel if you compared a standard movie theatre with an IMAX cinema. Our screens make you feel like you are part of the action and with the ultra hd projectors when they become mainstream next year, it is as close as you can get to real life. I’m delighted that we have had the chance to showcase our technology on a programme with the reputation and following of The Gadget Show.”

A highly portable, easy-to-assemble and cost effective solution, the product has a wide range of potential applications in addition to flight and automotive simulation including home entertainment (gaming and 3D movie viewing), business (remote video conferencing and training), as well as military and educational uses. As such, the Cobra Curved Display has a huge potential global market.

Before approaching Alba Innovation Centre, lack of business premises and limited start-up funds meant that Mr Bradley was hosting demonstrations in the front room of his home.

As a result of the support provided by the team at Alba Innovation Centre, Cobra Simulation has raised more than £75K in private investment and secured grant funding from Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International worth a total of £7,500

“I can honestly say that we couldn’t have achieved what we have so far without the help and support of the Alba Innovation Centre,” adds Mr Bradley. “The Centre and its advisors have been like extra members of the Cobra team. The level and range of support supplied has been absolutely invaluable to the company’s growth.”

Peter Andrew, Head of incubation and innovation support at Innovation Centres Scotland, which manages Alba Innovation Centre on behalf of Scottish Enterprise, says: “Technology innovation is hugely important for Scotland’s future and Cobra Simulation is a fantastic example of an ambitious Scottish start up with the potential for massive growth on the world stage.”

The company has also expanded into a new production facility in Bathgate, where the curved display units are assembled from component parts, sourced and supplied from sub-contractors all over the world. The company formally went into production in early 2013.

Cobra Simulation has also now established and is continuing to develop a global network of resellers and has recently completed orders for display units from the US, the UK, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Portugal and New Zealand.

Optoma & Cobra announce console compatibility for the Cobra Curved Display

on Thursday, 21 November 2013. Posted in November 2013

Optoma Europe and Cobra Simulation announced today that they have partnered up to offer console compatibility for the Cobra Curved Display with the new XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4. This means that users can enjoy the benefits of the latest generation of consoles and for the first time experience this in a truly immersive curved screen.



The Cobra Curved Display is a spherical projector screen that takes curved display technology into the future. The Cobra Curved Display has a small footprint and can be integrated into static simulators or simply placed on a std office desk. Imagine enjoying your favourite console title on a 1.8 x 1 metre screen that curves around you both horizontally and vertically filling your peripheral vision with the latest HD, Ultra HD & 4K content.

It is made possible by Optoma’s signal processing technology. The Optoma warp box (HQView 320) takes the output from your entertainment console and geometrically corrects the image in real time allowing you to view content for the flat screen on your spherical Cobra Curved Display.

Optomawarpbox A Cobra Curved Display warp profile will be configured then pre-loaded to match your projector optics and Cobra. These new solutions are available from Cobra Simulation in two new bundles. The standard bundle caters for those whom have already purchased an XBOX ONE or PlayStation 4 and includes a Cobra Curved Display, Projector, Optoma warp box, Cable pack.

The Extreme bundles adds your choice of console and Cobra Simulations D630 stand to the package. All bundles offer optional on-site installation.

About Optoma

Optoma is a world leading designer and manufacturer of projectors for business, education, professional audio/video and home entertainment, with comprehensive ranges to exceed the expectations of every user.  Optoma's innovative products are carefully crafted to deliver crystal clear images of unrivalled quality by incorporating the latest DLP® technology from Texas Instruments, together with advanced optical engineering expertise and dedication to superb product quality. 

The Optoma Group has continental headquarters in Europe, the USA and Asia; whilst Optoma Europe, based in London, covers Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Local services are delivered from regional offices in France, Germany, Norway, Spain and Benelux and sales representatives in Dubai, Italy, Poland, Russia and Saudi Arabia.