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Cobra launches its range of 8k single channel immersive domes at Virtual I/ITSEC

Cobra launches its range of 8k single channel immersive domes at Virtual I/ITSEC

on Thursday, 03 December 2020. Posted in December 2020

Cobra Simulation announce the release of its new range of 8K based fully portable single channel domes. Made possible by the introduction of the new JVC E-shift range of projectors. JVC becomes the first projector manufacturer to achieve certification with an 8k resolution projector combined with our Cobra180 dome.

Enabling our latest Cobra180® product to achieve an average resolution of approx. 2 arcmin/pix. Over a 180° x 80° FOV. When combined with our Cobra150® dome we finally tip the industry pivot scales to an average of around 1.25 arcmin/pix over a 150° x 66° FOV.

Alexander Bradley Managing Director said “This is a pivotal moment for our single channel product map at Cobra. Adding 8k projectors to our portfolio brings a new level of immersion to our offering.”

E-Shift has been around for many years. The technology is on its third revision having matured well. We had high expectations when starting the certification process for use with our domes and the JVC does not disappoint. As one of the leading pixel shift technologies it takes a traditional native 4k input and upscales it to 8k @60hz. The biproduct of such a high resolution is the need for a new high-quality lens. The JVC is delivered out the box with an all glass lens with a large zoom and lens shift range to deliver crisp images. The quality of the optics supports a large depth of focus when combined with Cobra’s unique 2nd generation first surface mirror technology.

Cobra180® is a professional high quality, immersive display solution optimised for training & simulation use. The unit combines a 2.1m diameter panorama dome screen delivering 180 degree horizontal and 80-degree vertical fields of view, with an integral single channel optical solution incorporating projector mounting plate, first surface mirror, and ambient light management. Manufactured from dual-skin GRP with an integral aluminium frame, the Cobra180® is light enough to be housed in a flight case for storage and rapid deployment/ assembly, yet strong enough to form part of a permanent fixed installation.

Custom cut out:

All Cobra180® domes can be delivered with a section of the dome cut to your specification. You may wish to slide an aircraft cockpit inside the dome. Removing a section of dome allows you to keep the users eye point at dome centre.

With a great range of 4k and now 8k projectors, two dome sizes to choose from with lamp or laser-based options there is a solution to suit a range of training & simulation budgets.

Please speak with a member of our sales team for more information and pricing.


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